Powerslide Podcast #2: The New England Auto Show

The Podcast makes a return as the guys chat about Mr. Power’s trip to the New England Auto Show, some great surprises, and the Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Powerslide Podcast #2: The New England Auto Show


2018 Porsche Panamera: Powerslide Review

By: Mr. Power       

Are you an executive that is looking to cruise into work at an average speed 10mph over the speed limit? If yes, then the Porsche Panamera is the car for you. Are you concerned about the functionality of having your coffee in one hand and the company’s annual expense report on the dash? If yes, then the Porsche Panamera is the perfect fit for your three-car garage.


The Porsche Panamera is a car that was designed to go fast first and worry about speeding tickets later. The base model starts at $85,000 with a peppy 330hp twin turbo V6. The range topping Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Executive is equipped with a twin turbo V8 and an electric motor — which combines for a whopping 680 horsepower. The most incredible figure surrounding the ranging topping Panamera is its base price of $194,800. Upon reading this number my wallet had a stroke.

This image (like the cover image) came from porsche.com

New for this year, Porsche finally unveiled the Sport Turismo version, which in my mind offers a much more sleeked and defiant design. It’s a shooting brake style that simply screams class.


The Porsche Panmera boasts insane stats that are taking New York’s financial district by storm. Fitted with four comfortable seats, this car instantly engulfs its passengers in luxurious leather. A quick look at the dashboard reveals technology suitable to take over a third world country. This vehicle is dripping in money and announces to the world that you vacation in The Hamptons.


Everything about the Panamera is posh. There is no piece of fine-brushed aluminum that doesn’t feel cool to the touch. Some may consider it the automotive incarnation of the devil, however I believe this vehicle exemplifies perfect harmony between performance and comfort.

The Verdict.

9 / 11 (too expensive as compared to its Audi RS 7 rival)

The Scalpel of Track cars: 2018 Porsche GT3

By: Mr. Power

The 991.2 Porsche GT3, a.k.a. the car that no automotive journalist can hate. Honestly, Porsche has created a car that has ZERO flaws. Seriously; none, zippo, nada. What’s not to love about the 4.0 liter flat six that can punch out roughly 500hp?


An Elite Runner


Image from Car and Driver http://www.caranddriver.com/photo-gallery/2018-porsche-911-gt3-first-drive-review-gallery#49


Fitted with either the lightning fast PDK transmission, or the more involved six-speed manual, this car can stretch its legs all the way up to 9,000rpm. One would think that the doctors who drive these cars would struggle to control its power. However, Porsche has honed in is rear-wheel steer system that now makes even pizza delivery drivers look clinically clean while hitting racing lines. Porsche has developed this car to be a track ace and (amazingly) hasn’t damaged the GT3 sports car feel.


Less Fear. More Fun.


Image from HD Wallpapers http://www.hdwallpapers.in/2018_porsche_911_gt3_4k-wallpapers.html


There is nothing scary about this vehicle. The ABS doesn’t flash every time you stab the throttle, nor are you met with unyielding over-steer in the bends. The GT3 is confidence inspiring, and it dares its drivers to absolutely mash the throttle.


The lucky few that can afford this car (and the even luckier who can get their hands on one) will be graced with automotive bliss. Starting at $144,650 the lucky owners of the Porsche GT3 will be able to enjoy there own little slice of driving bliss. Not many car brands can match Porsche’s sport car heritage while delivering true track reliability.

Mr. Power’s overall grade: 10/10

Cars and Colors, A Casual Conversation

An intern scurries around the basement of Powerslide HQ. Chip bags crinkle and writers peel their eyes away from laptops. They all stare at the college student balancing pizza boxes up the stairs. He is heading towards the offices of Mr. Power and Mr. Slide.


“Is it about to happen?” one journalist asks another with bated breath.


“I think it is.” The other responds. “It must be time for a CCC.”


Casual Car Conversation (CCC)

By: Mr. Power & Mr. Slide

We start these conversations with simple, yet thought provoking, questions. This week’s will be “What’s up with car colors?”


Mr. Power: “So, what are your thoughts?”

Mr. Slide: “Why do so many people make their cars silver/gray? Will this trend ever go away? What color do you think is next?”

Mr. P: American roads are dominated by the dreary colors enforced by German automakers. Many people find these shades to be ‘sleek and refined.’ I disagree. Colors like whites and soft reds add more refinement and also deliver loads of character. As we move forward, I’ve noticed that vehicle paint jobs are beginning to be contrasted by colored wheels. Perhaps this is the next trend. White cars with black rims screams 2020 to me.”

Mr. S: You think that color-ways will ever catch on in the automotive world? They seem to be completely taking over the footwear industry. With online customizations becoming more popular, you think people will branch out more with colors?”

Mr. P: Online customization is a tool best utilized by high end manufacturers. Brands such as, Porsche, Ferrari, and Audi deploy it as an added customer experience. It allows them to highlight their uniqueness and make the customer feel special about the car they designed. Companies such as Toyota, and other standard car companies use car customization as a pricing tool more than anything. While this is helpful, it is not what online customization was meant to do. These companies fail to offer ‘color-ways’ online, thereby facilitation the toxic spread of blandness.”  

Mr. S: “I’m going to list you some colors and you tell me the perfect situation for that paint job: Forrest Green.”

Mr. P: “Subaru. Works on all of them — particularly the Outback. Perhaps because the people who drive them tend to like wooded areas.”

Mr. S: “Cobalt Blue.”

Mr. P: Mustang or Minivan. Surprisingly versatile color. Also phenomenal for an underground street racing vehicle. What about you, any thoughts on Gun Metal Gray?”

Mr. S: “Definitely a cool shade. Porsche 911 Carrera, Mercedes AMG SL65, highest tax bracket kind of color. Final question, how much of an affect does the color of a car have on its overall ‘coolness level?’”

Mr. P: “Color directly correlates with ‘coolness level’, I say 30%. The reason it isn’t higher is because even if you paint a Ferrari gold — like a 2002 Camry — it still has its prancing horse heritage and what’s under the hood. You can’t subtract any coolness away from that.”    

Mr. Power’s Top Five Garage

By: Mr. Power

Welcome to my garage! Every now and again I will be taking you through my #Power5. Here are the first few.

  1. 911 Singer Porsche

Considered to be the greatest hits album for Germany’s favorite sports car. The Singer Porsche gives its lucky owners the chance to experience what makes the old air-cooled 911’s great. This car can either be fitted with a 3.8-liter flat six or, my personal favorite, the famous 4.0-liter that kicks out an astonishing 390 horsepower. Every single part in this car is hand crafted for motoring pleasure; from the carbon fiber body, to the handcrafted interior, this Porsche should be atop every driving enthusiast’s list.



  1. Ferrari Testarossa

What’s not to love about a Testarossa? The legendary gated shifter, it’s screaming 80’s design, and lets not forget Ferrari’s immense sounding flat 12 cylinder. Alright… I’ll be the first to admit that the stock Testarossa sounds horrible due to the crippling emission standards of its time. Upon purchase the first order of business should be to fit an aftermarket titanium exhaust. Immediately after this you should take your Testarossa to the nearest posh country club and show everyone who drives a B.M.W/Audi/Mercedes that they have failed at life.



  1. 2016 Porsche GT3 RS

To go along with my Singer Porsche, I would have a GT3 RS as my track weapon. Porsche has honed in its PDK transmission, transforming it into a masterpiece, pare that sucker along with a 4.0-liter flat six that can rev up to nearly 9,000 RPM and you have a Nuremburg Ring destroyer. The Porsche GT3 RS punches way above its weight class but more importantly it still maintains its sport car roots. Unlike other exotics it isn’t a widow maker, this is a surgical weapon that inspires trust in its drivers.


  1. Ariel Nomad

This is Powerslide, I need a car that was built for the soul purpose to have fun. I don’t need air-conditioning when I’m averaging 50mph off road, and I don’t need cruise control when carving up my favorite back road. The Ariel Nomad fits my desire to have a car that feels just as composed on dirt as it does on asphalt. Paired with a super charged Honda engine that spits out 235 bhp and weighing in at a remarkable 1,475 pounds and you have a flick-able off-road demon that easily averages 40mpg.


  1. Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Regardless of the idiotic name, this car means business. This Ferrari (hot-hatchback) is so hot it makes ghost peppers look like junior mints. This car is surprisingly long however, which some may argue takes away from its sporty roots. Unfortunately, those people are missing the point of this car. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is the ultimate naturally aspirated V12 hell-bender of a GT Car. The other part of this vehicle is that it can fit four normal sized adults and sit quietly at 120mph. It also has a trick four-wheel drive system that can control the staggering figure of 680 horsepower. This Ferrari is the ultimate mile-crunching beast that can provide an immense amount of fun all the while delivering the refined overtones that all GT cars need.


Total Cost for #Power5 = $1,175,600.00