Where do Your Loyalties Lie? A Casual Conversation

“What was that flash?!”

Two astronauts hovering around in the International Space Station hopelessly stare out the window as a large flash of light transcends from North America. “Was that a meteor that just struck the US?” one terrified astronaut asks the other.

“no…” a third voice whispers from the shadows. “That was the start of a CCC.”


Casual Car Conversation (CCC)

By: Mr. Power & Mr. Slide

We start these conversations with simple, yet thought provoking, questions. This week’s will be, “What side of the fence are you on in the great turbo vs. natural aspiration debate?”



Mr. Slide: Do people really love naturally aspirated engines? Or are they a dinosaurs’ technology that folks are too afraid to stray from?


Mr. Power: I think naturally aspirated engines evoke a certain emotion when inside a super-exotic or beefy muscle car. These types of engines bring three things to the table; better acoustics, linear power delivery, and in some cases easier general maintenance. That being said, in this day in age, people should not be shy about purchasing a turbo charged car. They provide more usable power and better fuel economy.


Mr. S: That’s true, can’t beat the sweet, bellowing, sound of a juicy V8 motoring up though.


Mr. P: Turbo charged cars bring a lot to the table when they are done right. Just look at the Mercedes AMG division. Leave it to the Germans to maintain the boisterous roots of the V8 while delivering even more power. I like the idea of turbo charged cars because they put an emphasis on efficiency, while again, adding more flare and usable power.


Mr. S: One thing about turbos though is that they are EXPENSIVE to fix and you’d need a second mortgage to replace one. I too enjoy their sparkle, but wonder if turbos are in the cards for all car companies. It would be blasphemous for say Mazda to make a turbo charged Miata in-house. A lot of cars just fit natural aspiration.


Mr. P: This is very true. However show me a mainstream car manufacture that doesn’t produce a turbo! The way I look at is that turbos have actually come to save superb naturally aspirated cars — like the Miatas and Audi R8s. Cars that emphasize true driving pleasure will always serve as an oasis for their consumers. They will only become more special and unique as more turbos hit the streets.


Mr. S: The turbocharger, another great piece of engineering stolen from the racing world and adopted into ours.


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